Thursday, April 07, 2011

Signs of progress

The following chart shows that we have compiled most of our paperwork for the Ethiopia dossier. What this means is that we will work on completing our home study visits and remaining documents in the next couple of weeks while we wait for the Ohio I-171H form to come back from the state. Once the I-171H doc comes back (probably 2 months out yet), we will be able to assemble our dossier, get it certified by the county & state, and then send it off to Ethiopia!

While this chart doesn't show the number of documents required for the homestudy, most of the ones that are our responsibility are completed, but we still need to complete our fire inspection (scheduled for tomorrow morning) and get current pics of our house and us. Our niece and nephew are visiting for the week so maybe the chief will give us a tour of the department after the inspection!


kristine said...

remember the song "...little by little, inch by inch. By the yard it's hard, by the inch it's a cinch. Never stare up the stairs, just step up the steps! Little by little, inch by inch!"? It must seem like an eternity & mounds of paper work...but each one competed is a step closer to those hugs, tears, runny nose, giggles, rolling on the floor laughing unforgettable blessed times!

Kathleen said...

How awesome to be getting things checked off your list! And congrats to Amanda for getting your OH certification. =) We're praying for you guys. Thanks for sharing your journey with us.