Monday, July 04, 2011

I love my job and I love vacation more

Every vacation break starts with a mandatory "Woohoooo" scream as I leave the parking lot at work. I know it probably looks a little weird, but I never bother to check to see if anyone is watching. This past week's "woohoo" felt especially good as I didn't have anymore classes to study for in addition to being off work for a week. We decided to stick around home to get some projects done, but still have some fun days along the way. The deck got stained, AC disconnect changed out, lots of yard work done, and several rooms painted. We also squeezed in a trip to Cedar Point and took a long bike ride from our house down to Akron. 

The link below is my second attempt at making a video (the first being "Boy Zombi Inspector"), and I got some great ideas and help from Amanda's cousin who had taken a cinematography class in high school. It's not perfect (I realized after the bike ride that my phone's camera was not set on the optimal settings), but it was fun to put together. 

This is the stuff we do as we wait for our little one. 

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MOM said...

BEAUTIFUL:)) WE recognized some of the landmarks:))))