Thursday, February 24, 2011

Did any of you catch the Super Nanny episode this past weekend that involved a family with children from Ghana?   This particular episode grabbed my attention as it was a chance to witness some of the adjustments encountered by adopted children. The thoughts rolling through my mind quickly went from “we can handle this” to “wow- that chaotic confused family could easily be ours -what can we do to ensure that we don’t have to resort to calling in “The Nanny?”" As I was praying about that very thing, words that had just been uttered in Bible study a few days prior came racing back to my brain: “God doesn't ask us to be perfect parents, He asks us to be faith-filled, Christ-seeking parents.”  With those thoughts in mind, I am praying that our faith will grow and that our hearts' desire will be to seek Christ. 

In closing, we’re interested in your thoughts.  Have you discovered any great books or websites that have been helpful on the topic of raising kids?  Feel free to comment below.