Monday, February 28, 2011

With all the snow we got last Friday morning, it was hard to hold in the groans. I guess that I had been fooled into thinking that spring was on its way due to a couple trips to (65 degree) SC in the past month and a warm weekend here in OH recently. The only consolation while we were shoveling Fri morning was that even a snow blower wouldn't have been able to cut through the heavy stuff (we're waiting for the perfect one to go on sale - it's at least 30" wide, powerful enough to throw small animals, and folds down into the size of a milk jug to fit in the garage).

My sister and brother-in-law came down for the weekend so we decided to go out and hike to Brandywine falls. I've posted some pictures below. The beautiful scenery and the dogs bounding back and forth was a good reminder to enjoy every season of the year - and in life. We can easily get caught up with wanting the next step - whether it's wanting to be a teen, be out of college and have a job, desiring children, or desiring those children to be out of diapers.

Instead of enjoying where God has put me right now I can easily get trapped into thinking "if I only were/had  _________". Amanda and I have been privileged to do things, go places, and be a part of ministries that we wouldn't have been able to do had we had kids earlier. We're thankful for those times and wouldn't want to trade them for anything. Spring will come eventually, but once it does we don't want to have wished we enjoyed winter more.

Below the falls

Above the falls

Brandywine Falls

By the way, thanks for the book recommendations - several of them are all ready to be picked up at our library. We expect that this week will be busy with meeting our social worker and fam coordinator to start the dossier process.