Saturday, March 12, 2011

It's been a busy blur of a week. We traveled over to Upper Sandusky Ohio on Wed morning to meet with our social worker. She's in charge of AWAA's Ethiopia program for all of Ohio and we had to make the 2 hour drive for just the first meeting. We thought it was a little odd that our social worker wanted to meet at Bob Evans- but when we got to Upper Sandusky we quickly realized that the Bob Evans seemed to be the hub of business meetings due to a lack of Panera or Starbucks in the area. The rest of the home study meetings will be conducted through another social worker that lives near us.

I took my Kettering exam Thursday morning and then we got our medical exams today. We go back Monday morning to get the lab results and have our papers signed and notarized.

Several cool things/realizations from the week we want to share with you all:
1. Working 2nd shift is good for getting our dossier together. It makes is much easier to take care of things at a time when businesses are open.
2. I met a believer at work who has adopted 3 kids. He just got home in January with his son from China and is very enthusiastic about adoption. I'm looking forward to getting to know him and his wife in the upcoming months.
3. The Cleveland Clinic is an awesome hospital system: painless and efficient. We feel very fortunate to be able to utilize it.

The adoption process is not simple and gets quickly overwelming when you look at the list of 50+ documents that have to be obtained or written. Amanda's been doing a great job compiling the majority of the paperwork, and I'm really thankful for the work she's put into it while I'm working or studying.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

This phase of the adoption process is referred to as the "paper chase" for good reason.  It's involved, but AWAA is doing a notable job of helping us stay organized and informed.  In the past few days we were able to submit our fingerprints for several background checks as well as receive newly certified birth and marriage certificates. This new week promises to be productive as we have medical examinations to attend, a meeting with our social worker, and Jon puts the finishing (and beginning) touches on his term project as well as takes a midterm test.  To kick it all off, we're playing a couple rounds of Jon's new Wii game: Black Ops.