Thursday, March 17, 2011

Not sure you could love a child by adoption as you would a child by birth? Neither was I. Looking into the church nursery at everyone else's kids with runny noses and dirty diapers (...or dirty noses and runny diapers) seemed to stress the matter all the more. The thought of "What if I had to take one of these kids home today?" would almost put me in panic mode and cause me to put the matter in the back files of my brain to be possibly pulled out on another day. Thankfully these thoughts are not uncommon. In fact, Russell Moore addresses the issue in his book "Adopted for Life" where he says that if God directs you to adoption "it won't feel like any sort of consolation prize. Your affection for your child...will be as you birthed him or her yourself."

Thankfully God changed my mind on the matter. I can't put a finger on when the change occurred but it was over time and through a lot of prayer, thinking, reading, meeting with other forever families, and even some videos. I'm sure there will be concerns as we go through the process that cause me to worry - but it is really cool realizing that several years ago the thought of adopting was out of the picture for me yet now I look forward to it with so much excitement.

The following is the type of video that should probably have a disclaimer to warn those who have their minds made up that they will never adopt. If that is your case you probably better skip it.