Friday, April 01, 2011

In case of emergency & other misc items

I spent a couple hours tonight drawing up our home emergency plan. We have to have it posted for the upcoming fire inspection and home study visits. This is something we've never given much thought before with just the two of us around, but several months ago a metal forming press at work was spewing out smoke and I couldn't even think of the emergency number for our in-plant fire department (simply 5555). Most likely, my memory will go blank in a home emergency so its a good thing to post this info on the fridge. Good ol' Powerpoint.

I completed my current Kettering class. Thanks for the prayers. Thankfully I only have one more to go before I graduate in June! It's been a long haul. It's not that it is extremely difficult (undergrad was much more technically demanding), but it requires a lot of time. I typically have to spend 8-10 hours a week on it so Amanda has been earning this degree along side me by taking care of a lot of the home stuff. I'm so thankful for her.

Speaking of Amanda: she received her OH teaching certification in the mail today (after two grueling tests and sending the state some cash). We're praying for God's direction in looking for a job. Teaching positions are pretty hard to come by here in Cleveland. 

I've been reading in James lately. Sometimes I'll take a few verses, other times I'll read the whole book in a setting. There is a lot of good stuff in James that started jumping out at me after reading it multiple times. In fact, this book is crammed full portraits of a follower of Christ. Sometime I'd like to formulate those things I've learned on paper.