Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Plan A

We had an in-home visit with our social worker today. To be honest, it is a little intimidating having someone come in and converse with you when you think she is there to look in the cracks and crannies of your home (...and life background). However, It quickly became apparent that her role is to be part of our team to help coach us through the various stages of the adoption. She'll be with us from home study preparation, through the referral and placement, all the way to post placement visits where she will come and help us adjust to our new life. She put us at ease with her kindness and expertise and it turned out to be an enjoyable time. During the visit, we recounted to her our journey towards adoption. 

I don't know about you, but many times we have wondered what's the best route to take. For those facing difficult situations there are usually a myriad of possible "solutions" to the problem. In our case our difficult situation was inability to have biological children, and the possible solutions consisted of many treatments that ran the spectrums of inexpensive to very expensive then simple to complex. It was difficult just sorting through the possibilities. We tried various treatments over the course of a couple years. None seemed to work and gave no solid explanations. With every unsuccessful treatment there was always a question of "should we take the next step?" and we would prayerfully consider what God wanted us to do - asking for wisdom along the way. One snowy Saturday night last winter we were talking over a plate of mushy chicken (the restaurant was pretty bad) and we both realized that we had come to the same conclusion that week concerning adoption. You see, up until that point we had been pursuing adoption as if it were "Plan B". And that backup plan couldn't be pursued with heart and soul until "Plan A" was thoroughly exhausted. While this was our thinking on the matter (maybe never in cognition, but in practice), the reality was that no matter how hard we tried to work Plan A, God wasn't going to let us attain it because His Plan A for us was adoption all along. We're confident of this now. It reminds me of Abraham and Sarah's situation, but on a much much smaller scale. They knew God had a plan for them to provide a son who would be the start of a great nation from which Christ would come. They just were impatient (maybe had a lapse of faith), and decided to do things their own way instead. God opened our eyes and taught us that we don't want to be like them when it comes to knowing and following God's specific plan for our family. For our family, adoption is Plan A, so we're embracing and running with it. Full throttle!