Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Spri... Summer is here!

The weather has been awesome this past week! It was so refreshing to see the sun for multiple days in a row. We've sat on the  porch enjoying the breeze, birds, and relaxing scenery of the woods across the street. It's been a while since we've posted anything so I'll catch you up on our last month.

We've been hunkered down working on wrapping up some non-adoption things in the past month:

Jon's been working on his last class for his master's degree. Only one more week of lectures to go and he'll be walking during commencement this weekend at Kettering University. It's been a 3 1/2 year road to get to this point so it is pretty exciting!

Amanda's completed all her requirements and received her state teaching certification. She's all set to sub for a couple schools in the area this coming fall. She also taught a 3day speech class (they talked fast) for an homeschool organization in the area, so it is cool to see how God's providing for the adoption through these little opportunities.

We also had to get a few shingles on our roof repaired - or so we thought. The winter storms had pulled a few out and Jon noticed some leaking around the chimney while he was hanging out in the attic this winter (to re-wire the 2nd floor circuits). When the roofer came and hopped up on it he discovered that the majority of the shingles were pulling out. This led to replacing the roof, which then led to re-decking the whole thing in the process too. I say the roof should last 50 years now.

As for our adoption process, we received our final homestudy revision mid-May and have been working on getting all our picture pages together for the dossier. We completed the pic pages and actually were about head to get the dossier certified by the county and state this week, but realized that we had missed sending out our I600A form out to the US Immigration Service (gulp). So that form is filled out and has been sent in along with a copy of our homestudy. We're praying they can turn it around quickly and send us our I-171H/797C document, which is required for the dossier and will allow us to bring our child into the United States.

We're marching forward!