Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ethiopia referral process

World Magazine's August cover story features Ethiopia adoptions. Specifically, it gives a very good explaination to what's behind Ethiopia's currently slowed referral process. 75 million people in Ethiopia with 5 million orphans. At the current referral rate, only 1,800 will be adopted within a calendar year. Pray that those involved will come up with wise solutions to the hinderances causing the slowed referral rate. Click below to read the complete article.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dossier update

We received a nondescript form in the mail Monday from USCIS saying that we had a "favorable determination" concerning our I-171H (the last document we need to complete our dossier). There's wording on how our info has been submitted for "advanced processing", etc. In addition, our fingerprint appointments were only last week, so we figured that the gov't was just keeping us updated on the progress of the I-171H form. We anticipated that we would be receiving it in a few weeks...until a day later we looked very close and found the title, "I-171H" printed in tiny font at the bottom.

I wonder how many adoptive families have disregarded their I-171H forms thinking that they are generic processing updates! Check it out for yourself.

So now all our dossier docs and instructions are back out on our dining room table. Believe it or not they are organized!

Next steps:
1. Get the dossier certified by the county (@ downtown Cle)
2. Get the dossier certified by the state (@ Columbus)
3. Mail the dossier to AWAA