Friday, August 05, 2011

Paper chase: Complete!

Remember the feeling you got from your college exams? No, I'm not talking about the dread you experienced as you waited for the bell to ring to start an "Evil Dr. Roach" exam, or (worse) the terror you felt when you walked into class and found out you had an exam. I'm talking about the feeling you got when it was finished and you could walk outside to breath a sigh of relief, chat with your friends about how you think you did, and know you were heading home for the summer.

Today we have that feeling. All our dossier docs are collected, signed, notorized, authenticated, and have been shipped overnight to our agency!

We can sit back and think about all the docs we had to collect during the process or had written by/for us. Our dossier is basically our lives on paper. The homestudy part paints details of both current days and growing up, what we like, and what we plan to do. Our medical records don't leave anything out. We've been fingerprinted, run through police reports, had fire inspections, employement verifications, insurance verifications, recommendation letters, and a whole lot more. Looking at the 1inch stack of paperwork, I'm thankful. ("God, You allowed us to get all that done!")

It's been a quick 6 months since we officially started our adoption process. And while we know we may still have up to a year until we can bring home our little one(s), it's still a good feeling knowing that our dossier is complete.

Let the waiting period begin.