Friday, September 23, 2011

Embracing families picnic

Our church's adoption support group had a late summer picnic last Sunday afternoon. It's was great getting together with these friends again. We started attending last November when we heard the group was getting together for lunch after church. It was really intimidating to walk through the doors and start introducing ourselves that day. We thought, "ya know, we can just take these brownies home and just eat them there". Jon was secretly hoping someone would lend him a kid for the time so it would be less awkward ("...yea, we just looking to add to the crew"). But like many things in life, after the initial doubts we were glad we did it once we walked into the room. Simply knowing there are other families who have adopted, are in the process, or maybe are just interested in the idea is really encouraging.

We're thankful that our church takes a proactive approach in promoting adoption, from establishing family support groups to just including "adoption" alongside "birth" in the everyday language. And why shouldn't they? It's an awesome picture of our placement into God's family.